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Alternatives to Court in Greater Ottawa & Surrounding Areas

Negotiation and arbitration are options where disputes are settled with a neutral person without having to resort to full-blown litigation. At Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation in Ottawa, our lawyers are experienced in both negotiation and arbitration.

Lawyer Assisted Negotiation

A family lawyer's job should not be bringing the personal problems into court and arguing about them. This approach can often lead to great expense, stress and delay. Alternatively, the counsel and the parties in the dispute should concentrate on finding common ground and resolve the issue through family negotiation, where all concerned have decided the solution voluntarily, by agreement. 

The lawyers at Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation are experienced negotiators who resolve the majority of their cases without significant litigation. However, if your interests are best served by appearing in court, you can be assured that our lawyers have the knowledge and ability to skillfully present your case. The lawyers at Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation are equipped to manage all family law issues regardless of complexity.

Arbitration Services

Many people want to deal with their legal issues outside of the public forum of the courtroom, and arbitration is another common binding alternative dispute resolution method. In arbitration, the parties give an independent, neutral third party the power to make a judgment on one or more issues. 

At Galarneau & Associates Professional Corporation, we provide an arbitration service designed to help you obtain a binding decision made within a private setting. This approach facilitates the completion of your matter within a much shorter time frame than a formal, public court proceeding.

Straightforward Guidance

Let us come to the negotiating table with you.

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